White Teeth Natural

If you’re looking for a whiter and gorgeous smile, then tooth whitening can be an extremely efficient way of lightening your teeth color. Tooth whitening is an extremely efficient way of fighting stains due to smoking, eating, and certain drinks like coffee, alcohol, and tea. Cigarette smoking is for your dental health and might cause damage to tissue and organs. Cigarette smoking is another deterrent from naturally white teeth.

Some home teeth whitening remedies work best for yellowish and stained teeth. Charcoal powder, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate are excellent removers of stains and plaque from the teeth.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This is the most popular and common natural lighting agent. This compound can be combined with baking soda, lemon juice, baking powder, etc. Strawberries and lemon juice might not be the best home solutions for teeth whitening. They can cause an acidity that can weaken your teeth. They are natural whiteners; however, too much use of these can weaken your teeth. To get the best result, rub them directly on your teeth. White vinegar and apple cider are also very efficient home remedies for teeth whitening.

Try Oil Pulling

This is a traditional remedy by Indians to enhance oral hygiene and at the same time, eliminate toxins from your body. The method involves swishing oil in your mouth to get rid of bacteria that lead to plaque and cause the teeth to become yellow.

Traditionally, Indians utilized sesame or sunflower oil for oil pulling. However, any oil will work. One popular choice is coconut oil as it has a pleasant taste and provides lots of health benefits. This is also rich in lauric acid that is notorious for its capability to lessen swelling and eradicate bacteria.

Some studies have revealed that oil pulling daily efficiently kills bacteria in your mouth, together with gingivitis and plaque.

Brush With Baking Soda

This is also one of the best and proven ways of whitening your teeth at home. Baking soda comes with the natural property that is the reason why it is one of the common components in commercial toothpaste. Its mild abrasive feature helps scrub way surface tarnish on teeth.

What is more, this also develops an alkaline environment in the mouth that prevents bacteria from thriving. This isn’t a home cure which will whiten teeth overnight. However, you must notice a considerable difference in the look of your teeth in due course.

Science has not yet confirmed that brushing your teeth with baking soda will whiten teeth. However many studies reveal that a toothpaste with baking soda has a considerable whitening effect.

One research discovered that toothpaste that has this ingredient was efficient at getting rid of yellow stains. What is more, a review of 5 studies discovered that toothpaste that has baking soda eradicate plaque effectively.

To use baking soda, mix one teaspoon of it with two teaspoons of water. Mix and brush your teeth using the paste. To get the best results to do this 3 times a week. Baking soda is readily available in the nearest store.  

Apply Malic Acid

Another best and effective home teeth whitening technique is using malic acid. This type of acid can also help correct the stained teeth. Also, this is a natural way of getting white teeth. This chemical works as an astringent and helps to get rid of the surface layer of the teeth.

But make sure you do not use this acid for a long time. The acid can damage the enamel of the teeth. The best teeth whitening system is the natural system because they are cheap as well as effective.

Drinking Lots of Water

One of the best and most effective home whitening remedies is by drinking lots of water. This also promotes healthy gums and reduces stain of your teeth. Drinking a lot of water stops you from drinking other types of drinks like cold drinks, red juice coffee as well as tea that are likely to tarnish or stain and discolor teeth.

Use Vegetables and Fruits

A diet rich in vegetables and fruits is good for your teeth and body. While there is no substitute for toothbrushing, crunchy, raw fruits as well as vegetables can help eliminate plaque as you chew. Pineapple and strawberries are some of the fruits which have been proven to help whiten teeth.

Save Money

You can save hundreds of dollars you should have used to pay to your dentist or purchase expensive system by using any of the home teeth whitening remedies mentioned above.

On the other hand, you should know that home remedies for whitening will take a lot of time to show results. However, it will be cost-efficient, and the best thing about them is that they are safe and no side effect. Keep away from a few things such as coffee or garlic; these will make it more likely for you to have a bad breath. Therefore, you should try to keep away from them as much as possible.  Smoking is one of the leading causes of teeth discoloration. You really must try to stop smoking. It is not only bad for your teeth but also bad for your health as a whole.

It’s better to give these home teeth whitening remedies a try before going to a dentist for a professional teeth whitening treatment. Home remedies are not just useful but also free from side effects.